Natural Resources Stewards (formerly Tree Stewards) and Earth Team Volunteer Time Log

Instructions for Recording Natural Resources Steward and Earth Team Volunteer Activities  (Please submit one form as you complete each activity.)

  • Project Date(s): Month(s), Day(s), Year.
  • (Please submit one form per activity. If the activity spans several dates , ie: over months or the year you may add the total number of hours for that activity and submit in one entry giving us the start and end dates.
  • City or Town: Where the activity took place (i.e.Manchester, NH).
  • County: Select from the drop down list which county where the activity took place.
  • Activity: (i.e. Attended Concord vacant lot meeting and assisted with grant application, or designed and planted a pocket garden with 7 children and 2 adults).
  • Comments/Results: These would further describe the activity or results of the activity (i.e. This project resulted in a maintenance plan developed by the residents).
  • Total Time: Add time spent in preparation, travel, activity and follow-up.
  • Organizations or Related Activities: Please share any organization that you may have joined or other activities that you participated in as a result of the Natural Resources Stewards and Earth Team Program (i.e. joined Warner Open Space Committee).

Please bookmark this page for future submissions: http://cecf1.unh.edu/formbuilder/forms/form50_TSPVH ROL.htm.

If you like a copy of your submission please print before submitting.

To access another form: Once you submit the first form if you click on the back button and then click on the reset button at the bottom of the form you can complete the next form

updated on 10/13/11

1) Last Name
2) First Name
3) Email address:
4) Phone Number
5) Project/Activity Date: Month(s), Day(s),Year
6) City or Town
7) County
8) Activity
9) Results/Comments
10) Total Hours (number only)
11) Organizations and/or Related Activities-Please indicate any organizations or related activities that you joined or participated in as a result of the Natural Resources Steward and Earth Team Program. For example, joined Conservation Commission.